Mindful Minutes: Tiny Rituals for Ethical Leadership

How to Stay True to Your Values When the Pressure’s On

Elumar De Sa
2 min readMar 6, 2024
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As an Apple manager racing through several hours days, the last thing I have time for is “mindfulness”. My schedule is packed serving direct reports, managers, customers, analysts… not exactly conducive to meditation. But the more responsibility I held, the more I realized that leadership demands self-knowledge and introspection as much as business skills.

After a few too many reactive decisions that violated my own values, I finally committed to building reflective practices into my frenzied life. Now I incorporate mini “spiritual pit stops” into my routine to reconnect with my deepest wisdom. These simple rituals keep me grounded in service over ego and prevent compromising my integrity for status:

  1. Morning Motivation Touchstone

I start every day reading an inspirational quote, prayer, or philosophical passage to set the tone for integrity, compassion and vision. This reminds me of the inner leadership qualities I want to embody amidst pressure to achieve outward markers of “success”.

2. Afternoon Awareness Check

When stress peaks, I pause to take 5 deep, mindful breaths. This diffuses emotional reactivity, sharpens focus, and makes space for clearer ethical discernment. I ask “What does this situation require from my highest self?” before responding.

3. Evening Reflection Review

Prior to bed, I journal about my decisions, conflicts, and progress to identify areas for ethical and spiritual growth. Writing lines like “Did I lead with wisdom and patience today?” and “How can I serve all stakeholders better tomorrow?” keeps me accountable to living my values.

Though simple, these micro-practices work magic. While my daily grind still demands much, injecting mindful spaces to know and guide myself from within transforms sterile ambition into purposeful leadership. The compassion, integrity, and vision emerging nourishes both business and soul.

Surely, if this hurried manager can tap mindfulness for moral strength, we all can. The only question is, will we?

Your thoughts matter! What mindful moments did you carve out today, even in the midst of chaos? Let’s cultivate an uplifting community where we learn from each other’s journeys towards mindful living.

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